Vibe Micro, Inc. v. SIG Capital, LLC

A 50% shareholder of an involuntary debtor may not seek damages under 11 U.S.C. 303(i). The Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court's decision affirming the bankruptcy court's denial of a request for statutory damages made by a 50% shareholder, holding that it did not have standing under section 301(i) because it was not the debtor. In this case, relevant House and Senate Reports suggest that only the debtor has standing to seek section 303(i) damages; appellate courts in this circuit have twice considered whether a non-debtor can seek damages under section 303(i), and twice those courts have decided it cannot; and reading section 303(i) to permit only the debtor to seek damages is consistent with its purpose and the policy interests underlying it. View "Vibe Micro, Inc. v. SIG Capital, LLC" on Justia Law